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The Truth About Hair Cuts and What Happens to Your Hair If You Stop Trimming It

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The Truth About Hair Cuts and What Happens to Your Hair If You Stop Trimming It

Everyone loves to have healthy-looking hair. but the question is, does trimming your hair make any difference? What will happen if you don’t get a haircut.? Will your hair grow longer? Stay here and get answers to these questions and more. Read on

What is a Hair Cut?

As the name suggests, a haircut is simply trimming your hair. But what most people think when they hear of a haircut, they think it’s cutting their hair short. Normally, the process involves trimming the hair's split ends, to help maintain hair shape, and remove damaged ends for more elasticity.

How Often Should You Get A Haircut?

The frequency at which you should trim your hair is depended on your hair type. And here is how often you should cut your hair depending on your hair type.

Curly hair- every 2 to 4 months

Short haircuts- 4-6 weeks

Chemically treated and colored hair- 4-6 weeks to maintain length and 8 weeks to regain length

Styled or heavily layered hair- every 6 weeks

Medium to longer hair- every 6 weeks to maintain length and quarterly to regain length

When Should You Stop Trimming Your Hair?

Is there a time you should stop trimming your hair entirely? The answer is no. Your hair will form split ends after some time and trimming will get it back to shape and make it easy to manage.

Reasons Why Some People Have Longer Hair Than Others

If you have been wondering why some people have longer hair than others, the reason could be their haircare routine. Some people experience split ends which eventually leads to hair loss. This hinders the hair from growing long.

Another reason is the type of products they use. Your hair needs to be well nourished with the necessary nutrients to help it grow. Choose your hair products according to your hair type. Make sure you eat a balanced diet.

Pay attention to the season and go for hairstyles that match the weather. Change your haircare products as the season's change.

Genetics is also another reason why most people have long hair. If your family have a history of long hair, chances are you will have long hair.

Tips for Growing Longer Healthy Hair

ü If you have curly hair, use silk pillowcases

ü Minimize the use of heat styling tools

ü Get your hair trimmed regulary by a professional hairstylist

ü Avoid booking haircut appointments early before the scheduled hair trim, even when your hair has split ends

ü Keep yourself hydrated and choose the right hair products

ü Eat a well-balanced diet

Wrapping Up

Healthy hair requires commitment. And if you are looking to grow long hair, you need to keep your hair well-nourished and get it trimmed regularly. Book an appointment today with our professional and licensed hair stylist for a haircut and other hair services.regularly


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