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Does Cold Water Accelerate Hair Growth? Things Nobody Tells You

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Does Cold Water Accelerate Hair Growth? Things Nobody Tells You

Almost every woman loves to have long, shiny, and beautiful hair. However, while different factors affect hair growth, there have been claims that cold water does help accelerate hair growth. And today, we take you through the impacts cold water has on your hair.

But before then, let's look at how water temperature affects your hair.

Does Water Temperature Matter When Washing Your Hair?

When washing hair, the water temperature may seem like a personal choice, but most people do not know the impact these temperatures have. When you use hot water, the hair follicles open and expand. If the water is too hot, the hair shaft swells and may get damaged.

When the hair follicles open, you stand a high risk of experiencing hair fall. Your hair will not be able to lock in moisture, and before you know it, you have dull and lifeless hair. I know this is too much to take in, but hot water does not do justice to your hair.

Worse still, hot water strips your hair's natural oils leaving it dry and itchy. So now that you have known the impact of hot water on your hair, does that mean cold water is the best? Keep reading

Is Cold Water Good for The Hair

If you have been washing your hair with cold water, you may be curious to know if it helps accelerate growth. Well, just like taking a cold shower, washing your hair with cold water offers amazing benefits. And among them include:

Locking in Moisture

Unlike hot water, cold water does help lock in moisture. This is achieved by keeping the hair follicles locked in their natural position, which helps your hair to retain moisture.

Makes Hair Look Shinier

When used with a shampoo, cold water washes off the dirt that may have accumulated on your hair. This helps unclog the hair follicles without stripping the hair of its natural oil. These oils hydrate your hair and help retain its color, texture, and appearance.

Improves Circulation on The Scalp

You may be wondering how cold water can improve circulation. Well, you may have heard that applying ice cubes to a pimple, inflamed joint, or area helps improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation. This is what cold water does to your hair.

When the scalp receives nutrients from the hair products and food you eat, you will eventually notice your hair is growing longer, stronger, and healthier.

How To Use Cold Water To Accelerate Hair Growth

Even though cold water helps increase your hair growth, using it along with these tips can help give better results.

ü Wash your hair thoroughly with cold water once a week

ü After shampooing with warm water, rinse your hair with cold water

ü Apply cold press on your scalp for 20 minutes daily

ü Apply water to your hair using a diffuser while blow-drying

Precautions to Take Before Using Cold Water on Your Hair

§ Avoid cold water if you are pregnant. This is because your immunity is low and may cause colds or other complications.

§ Keep off cold water if your hair is brittle or dry, as it could damage your hair.

§ If you live in cold weather, avoid water as it may lead to Hypothermia.

§ Avoid cold water if you have heart complication

Wrapping Up

It is not a secret that cold water offers incredible benefits to your hair. From increasing blood circulation on the scalp to maintaining hair color and sealing moisture; you can never underestimate the effect of cold water on your hair. And if you have been hesitant, now is the time to achieve your hair goals. If you need professional help on how to accelerate your hair growth, you can book an appointment with our licensed hair stylists.

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