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5 Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair in Your 40s

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

5 Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair in Your 40s

Haircare in your 40's can be challenging for most people. But the good news is that you can go bold and achieve the hair of your dreams. If you have been having challenges maintaining your hair, pull a chair and stay with me till the end.

But before then, let's first look at the changes that happen to your hair as you turn 40.

Hair Changes That Happen in Your 40’s

· Split ends and hair loss

· Decreased melanin which causes hair color to lose its pigmentation and start graying

· Hair thinning caused by hormonal and lifestyle changes

· Dry scalp caused by reduced oil production

This can be hard to take in, but the good news is, that you can have healthy hair in your 40s. And below are five surefire tips to follow. Read on!

1. Avoid Over-washing Your Hair

Avoid Over-washing Your Hair

Keeping your hair clean is essential, but overdoing it can do more harm than good. If you exercise daily, you may need to wash your hair due to excessive sweating. However, overdoing it strips of natural oils and causes your hair to become dry and brittle, resulting in hair loss. Washing your hair every 2–3 days is recommended.

In cases where you feel like your hair is dirty, use a dry shampoo. This will ensure that your hair is not too dry while retaining its luster.

2. Choose the Right Products for Your Hair

Choose the Right Products for Your Hair

You can't maintain your hair with the same products you used while in your 20s. The first step to choosing the right hair products is to know your hair type.

Avoid hair products that have sulfates and parabens as they contribute to dry hair and hair loss. Invest in moisturizing products that promote thick, shiny, and strong hair. You can consult your hair stylist if you have challenges choosing the right hair products.

3. Condition your Hair

Condition your Hair

It is important to take extra care to ensure that after shampooing your hair, you also use conditioner. Invest in a conditioner that is also moisturizing to both your scalp and hair. Conditioned hair is easier to manage.

Remember that your hair may become drier as oil production slows down in the body as you age. A moisturizing conditioner restores the moisture stripped away by shampoos. Massage it into your strands, and ensure it penetrates your hair well. A good conditioner improves hair strength and re-hydrates your hair.

4. Avoid Heat at All Costs

Avoid Heat at All Costs

You may notice that your hair is more prone to breakage in your 40s. As such, heat damage is something you want to avoid. Avoid curlers, blow-driers, and straighteners; instead, opt for air-drying.

Better still, use heat protectants such as oils which add moisture to your hair and protect it from damage.

5. Check What You Eat

Check What You Eat

A well-balanced diet is one way to ensure that you have thick and healthy hair. Consuming foods rich in zinc, omega-3, and fatty acids helps nourish your hair.

Add proteins also to your diet. You can supplement if you have nutritional gaps that may be missing from your diet. Make sure the supplements have essential hair vitamins like Vitamin C and biotin.


As you age, your body goes through a lot of changes, including your hair. Ensuring you have a well-balanced diet, the right hair products, and a healthy hair care routine are some proven ways to have healthy hair in your 40s. If you still have challenges even after trying the above tips, feel free to book an appointment with our professional hair stylists for help.

What are some of hair care tips that may be working for you in your 40’s? Feel free to share on the comments section. Can’t wait to sample them

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