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How to Treat A Scalp Sunburn and Prevent It from Happening?

Just like your face, your scalp can get sunburns. Having a sunburned scalp can be uncomfortable and painful. And if you have ever had one, you know how uncomfortable this can be. But with the right haircare tips, you can step out with confidence on those hot summer days and still not worry about getting a sunburn.

And today, I will unveil ways to navigate through this. But before then, let's have a look at how sunburns form.

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How a Scalp Sunburn Forms

Sunburn can develop when your hair and scalp are exposed to harmful UV rays. When the scalp gets a sunburn, the damaged skin cells around this area move up to the surface, making the area look red, inflamed, and painful to touch.

Though with time, your skin will generate new cells, most people do not know that the scalp needs the care to help heal and promote new cell generation. The process doesn’t happen overnight and requires the proper care to help reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. Staying hydrated and patience is needed to heal your scalp.

Who Is at Risk of Developing Scalp Sunburn?

Everyone who does not keep their scalp protected is at risk of developing a sunburn. However, some people are at a higher risk than others. Research has shown that people with lighter skin, thin hair, or baldness are likely to develop a scalp burn- including babies, kids, and even dogs.

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What Are the Signs Of a Scalp Sunburn?

Most people don’t realize they have a sunburned scalp. And below are signs to look out for.

· Dry and itchy scalp

· Skin peeling

· Tender, discomfort, or painful scalp

· Blistering, oozing

· Crusting