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Hygral Fatigue: What Causes It and How to Prevent It

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Hygral Fatigue: What Causes It and How to Prevent It

Hygral fatigue is damage of the hair follicles caused by repeat contraction and expansion. Normally, this occurs when excess moisture finds its way to your hair's inner cortex. And before you know it, your hair becomes brittle, frizzy, and dull.

However, the expansion, and contraction is a natural hair lifecycle. But when the moisture levels are high, they damage hair follicles, causing hair breakage, weak strands, and low elastic strands. I’m sure at this point; you must be wondering how to know when the moisture levels are high.

Well, before I unveil all the hygral fatigue signs, let's first look at who is at a high risk.

Which Hair Type Is Prone to Hygral Fatigue?

While we have different hair types, no specific kind of hair is more prone to Hygral fatigue than others. However, the risk of experiencing hygral fatigue may depend on your hair porosity. High porous hair has open strands on the shaft, making it easy to absorb water and release through the hair cuticles.

The higher the hair porosity, the higher the chances of experiencing hygral fatigue.

Also, committing these hair mistakes can lead to hygral fatigue.

ü Using conditioners without protein

ü Use conditioners and moisturizing shampoo on half-dried hair.

ü Overuse of moisturizing agents and conditioners

ü Wetting wet hair repeatedly before it dries out

ü Overuse of deep conditioning treatments and hair masks.

Signs Your Hair Has Hygral Fatigue

ü Gummy hair when wet

ü Brittle hair

ü Frizzy hair

ü Curly hair that does not hold shape

ü Tangles and breakage

Is Hygral Fatigue Reversible?

If you are wondering if you can restore your hair after hygral fatigue, the answer is no. The best way to navigate through this is to prevent it from happening.

So how do you achieve this? Stay with me till the end.

How to Prevent Hygral Fatigue

While hygral fatigue may be caused by different factors, maintaining a proper balance between moisture and protein is the key to preventing it. Having a hair care regime that alternates protein and moisture cab help achieve great results.

Other ways you can prevent excessive moisture from damaging your hair include:

ü Avoid using only protein or moisturizing-free products as they don't make your hair strong but lead to breakage.

ü Add olive oil and avocado oil to your hair care regime to keep your hair moisturized without making hair strands brittle and dry.

ü Minimize the time your hair is soaked in water.

ü Do not deep condition your hair more than recommended or leave it for long.

ü Do not rewet your hair without letting it dry.

Wrapping Up

Your hair is your crown. Do not sit back and let hygral fatigue prevent you from having the hair of your dreams. Re-examine your haircare regime and say goodbye to brittle, limp, frizzy, weak, dull, and lifeless hair. Try out the above tips and let your hair do the talking. Visit us today for professional hair stylists plantation and get quality for your money. Check out our hair services.


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