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5 Summer Hair Care Tips That Hair Stylists Swear By

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

5 Summer Hair Care Tips That Hair Stylists Swear By

Summer is a great time to travel and go for adventure. While it's important to protect your skin from harmful rays, your hair, too, needs some care. To help keep your hair healthy, here are five tips to help you vibe in the sun without worrying much.

1. Don’t Over-wash

It's normal to sweat during summer. You may feel like taking a shower or washing your hair to cool off. While you may want to keep your scalp clean, over-washing your hair can damage your scalp and strands. The damage can last for a few weeks before normalizing.

However, that does not mean you neglect your hair. You only need to moderate the washing to keep the balance.

2. Don’t Neglect Your Scalp

If you love swimming, salt water and chemicals can get trapped on the scalp blocking hair follicles and hindering hair growth. Including a scalp scrub helps unclog your scalp by removing dirt and dead cells that may have accumulated. Always moisten your strands before swimming with water or conditioner to minimize salt, and chemicals from getting trapped on your hair.

3. Switch To Summer Hair Styles

To beat the summer heat, you need to change your hairstyle to suit the season. This may vary depending on your preference. Consider going for braids. If you don’t love braiding your hair, try to keep off heating tools. You can also talk to a professional hair stylist to help you select a style that suits the season.

4. Include UV Protection Hair Care Products

Just like your skin, hair needs to be protected from UV rays. Hair products with antioxidants and UV protection keep your hair in good shape. Regardless of the adventure you choose, you can always be sure your hair is protected.

5. Keep Your Strands Nourished

The secret to growing healthy hair is to keep your strands well-nourished. While applying the right products helps feed the hair with nutrients, what you eat, also matters. Consider taking a well-balanced diet with proteins, vitamins, vegetables, fruits, and hair growth foods. Above all, keep yourself hydrated.

Wrapping Up

As you enjoy the summer season, do not forget your hair. Regardless of the style you wish to rock, make sure your hair is protected from any harsh environmental aggressors before you step out.


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