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Couples Massage: Deepen Your Relationship With The Power Of Touch

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Couples massage is one of the massage modalities that most people overlook. The feeling of indulging your body, mind, and soul in total tranquility and spending time with your partner is exhilarating. So if you are a couple and have never had this type of massage, you are missing out.

And just in case you may be wondering why you need couples massage, here is a lowdown of all what you need to know about. But before we delve deep into the massage modality, get to know what exactly it is.

What Is Couples Massage

Couple massage is a type of massage performed on two people simultaneously. Most people have the perception that the massage is specially meant for couples. This is not the case; it can be done on two friends, sisters, brothers, friends, lovers, couples who may be looking forward to enjoying time together.

For the best result, the massage is done by two therapists and usually starts and ends simultaneously. However, the massage types may vary and may include different therapeutic modalities like seaweed body wrap, time in a whirlpool, Hot Stone massage, or Swedish massage.

Facials, pedicures, manicures may often follow. This type of massage is done in a secluded room and normally costs slightly higher than regular massages.

Why You Should Get Couples Massage?

If you have never had couple massage, you are missing out on delicious and memorable spa experiences. Those who may have gotten a chance to enjoy this type of massage together will attest to this. The feeling of indulging yourself in total serenity and after the sweet escape you open your eyes and the first person you set your eyes on is your couple is just out of this world.

Normally, before your therapists start the session, they ask you some questions to get to know what you and your partner are trying to achieve. This makes it easy for the therapists to concentrate on specific touch points for optimal results. This type of massage therapy is known to offer massive benefits, and below are the reasons you should get one.

Strengthen Your Relationship

A massage is a good way to reconnect with your partner, friend, sibling, or your massage mate. Whether you are celebrating a special event, your anniversary, have a party, or having fun; nothing can beat the quality time you spend with your partner, especially in such memorable moments.

During the massage, the body releases oxytocin, usually called the "cuddle chemical," which helps boost our moods, relaxation, calmness, and pleasure. After the massage, your bond will strengthen, and you feel more connected with your partner.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are some of the relationship killers that may bring misunderstanding and tension between couples. Couples massage helps reduce stress and anxiety, which allows partners to have healthy and meaningful relationships.

You don’t need to wait to have a disagreement to enjoy a massage together. Getting it regularly can help build a strong bond and rekindle your relationship.

Enjoy Life Together

Nothing can surpass the feeling of enjoying a massage together with your partner. It’s one of those moments you need to be there for your partner. Those delicious moments are what keep the relationship going.

The benefits of getting a massage are massive and cannot be overlooked.

Where Can I Get The Best Couple Massage Therapists In Plantation FL

While couples massage benefits cannot be overlooked, you need to choose professional therapists for you to enjoy your session. And at the contour day spa, we have experienced therapists who are masters in what they do. Book a couples massage today with us for a sweet and peaceful escape.