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Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Massage is one of the most overlooked body care practices. We spend much on changing our closets every month or buying a new car that we forget to give the body the care it needs. Massage is one of the greatest investments you can make to your body. It's worth every penny.

Recent studies have demonstrated how massage can be used to improve the quality of life. Health practitioners recommend their patients have regular massage sessions on managing some of the side effects and symptoms associated with some health complications. So if you may be wondering why you need one regularly, then keep reading.

1. Relieves Stress

Life is filled with stressful moments, which can at times take a toll on your body. And before you know it, you have a mental breakdown.

According to NCBI research, massage is a non-invasive technique that helps promote mental health and reduce stress.

2. Increase Brain Focus

If you find it hard to focus at your workplace or have challenges completing small tasks without distraction, then a massage could be all you need.

Massage helps relax the neck by easing tension and increasing blood flow to the brain to help keep you focused.

3. Improve Quality of Sleep

Sleep disorder is overlooked. But according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), lack of sleep can trigger health complications.

According to a CDC report, people who sleep less were more likely to report ten chronic health complications than their counterparts.

Having regular body massages can help improve sleep quality while reducing the chances of developing health-threatening conditions.

4. Fight Fatigue

It’s normal to feel drained after a long day at work. But a massage can help relax your body and increase energy. The process applies physical force on agglomerated muscles to relieve stiffness, increase energy and blood flow.

5. Reduce back pain

Studies have shown that over 80% of adults experience back pain in their lifetime. And according to WHO (World Health Organization), back pain is a leading cause of disability globally.

Back pain is also the 3rd most common complication and a reason why most people visit health practitioners. Non-invasive methods like massage can help prevent advanced effects.

Better still, massage helps reduce muscle tension and soothing the spine, reducing back pain.

6. Manage Arthritis Pain

People with arthritis who underwent a 60 minutes Swedish massage at least once a week showed a significant pain reduction.

Increased grip strength and movement of joints on the upper joints and wrists were also noted in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Reduces Muscular Tension on Post- Operative Pain

Doctors are now recommending massage therapy to patients who have undergone surgery. Studies have shown that massage helps increase the recovery period for patients. If you find yourself encountering challenges attending to simple daily tasks after surgery, you should consider regular massage.

8. Reduce Cancer-Related Pain

Cancer patients usually suffer from depression, pain, anxiety, and emotional distress. Recent research has shown improved life on patients who underwent regular massage.

9. Reduces Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a silent killer. In America, one in every 3 adults aged 65 and below suffer from hypertension. If ignored, high blood pressure can lead to heart attack and stroke.

According to the Pacific College of Health And Science, massage is a safe, non-invasive technique in managing pressure and stress. Another research done by the Journal of hypertension indicated that back massage helps reduce high blood pressure in the elderly and those with stage-1 hypertension.

Having regular massage therapy can also help reduce the chances of having an anxiety attack, depression, and hypertension-related symptoms.

10. Reduces Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are triggered by several factors like depression, missing meals, lack of sleep, demanding jobs, and anxiety. This triggers pain and the neck, jawline, and scalp muscles to contract, causing an emotional conflict.

According to the National Headache Foundation, 30 minutes can help reduce chronic tension headaches. People who had a massage experienced significant relief within 24 hours.

11. Improve The Quality Of Life For People With Dementia

Foot, hand, and low-stroke back massage are a great way to manage behavioral, emotional, and other conditions associated with people with dementia.

According to American Massage Therapy Association, massage therapy can reduce the feeling of loneliness, confusion, and anxiety.

12. Reducing Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

According to CDC (Center for Disease Control), one of the contributors to work-related disabilities is carpal tunnel. Therapy massage has shown reliable results in managing these symptoms.

Research conducted by NCBI on the efficiency of massage on carpal tunnel symptoms showed that patients had increased handgrip strength and increased joint mobility after undergoing regular massage sessions.

13. Relieves Chemotherapy Nausea

Cancer patients on chemotherapy usually experience nausea and vomiting side effects. A study done by Cancer Nursing on the impact of aromatherapy inhalation and massage on chemotherapy patients showed promising results in reducing these symptoms.

Patients who underwent regular foot massage showed a reduction in these side effects and improved quality of life.

14. Promotes Hair Growth

People who have excess hair loss or hair thinning can benefit from regular scalp massages. According to research conducted on people with thin hair, scalp massage helped increase hair volume growth altogether.

15. Promotes Healthy Skin

Massage helps reduce muscle tension and delays aging signs. The relaxation feeling promotes skin cell regeneration and improving its resistance to infections.

How Often Should You Get a Massage?

The frequency of your massage depends on the goal you want to achieve. People under moderate stress are recommended to have a massage twice a month.

However, your aesthetician should guide you on how frequently you should attend the sessions, depending on your condition.

What Is The Best Massage?

Massages are of different types, and each has its benefits. One thing that you need to know is that massages are not equal. So before you have one, talk with your aesthetician to help choose one that suits your needs.

At contour day spa, we offer professional advice for our customers. We walk with them in their journey by helping them improve their quality of life.

We have professionally trained aestheticians to help handle all your massage needs, from couple massages, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, Medley massage, and much more. We help restore your inner beauty while creating a thrilling escape for the body, mind, and soul. Book an appointment today, and enjoy unmatched services.

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