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Frizzy Gray Hair: 5 Gray Hair Mistakes You Are Doing

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Frizzy Gray Hair: 5 Gray Hair Mistakes You Are Doing

Frizzy gray hair causes and mistakes you are doing.

Gray hair is delicate and calls for an exceptional care regime. And if you have gray hair, you will agree with me that maintaining your hair is a bit challenging. This is due to its porous nature. But after reading this, you will agree with me that maintaining your gray hair isn’t as hard as you think.

Now, grab a pen and a paper and stick with me as I unveil some of the mistakes you may be doing that are making your gray hair frizzy.

1. Over-use of Hair Heating tools

Heat-styled hair looks great but overdoing it strips your hair off protein and natural oils. Worse still, frequent use of heating tools breaks the hydrogen bonds in your hair, making it weak and eventually resulting in hair loss.

If you love using hair heating tools, it is always a great idea to use protein-rich conditioners and shampoos, heat protectants, and hydrating hair masks.

Due to its naturally porous nature, gray hair needs more care from aggressors like hard water and sunrays. Consider products that have UVA blocking capabilities to prevent the sun from causing more damage to your hair.

2. Over-Using Hair Oil

While your hair needs oil, over-using it can cause more damage than good. To prevent your gray hair from Frizz, massage hot oil once a week. You can add a few drops of essential oil to your carrier oil for better results. However, hot oil and massage should only be done to clean hair.

3. Using Harmful Chemicals

Some hair products have ingredients that leave a harmful coat of chemicals on your hair cuticles like wax, paraben, and silicone. These chemicals block the hair cuticles from absorbing more nutrients from the hair products you apply. And before you know it, your hair becomes dry, itchy, dull, and lifeless.

To prevent these chemicals from choking your hair cuticles, consider using a clarifying shampoo. While you can clean your hair at home, you may not be in a position to wash all the toxins. For better results, you can visit your salon once or twice a week for professional hair care.

4. Dehydration

Just like our skin, our hair needs to be hydrated. Not drinking enough water makes your hair look lifeless, dull, itchy, and dry. Worse still, you may develop serious hair problems like uncontrolled dandruff or hair loss. With time, your hair will not absorb the nutrients necessary for growth.

Taking enough water daily (6-8 glasses) will help keep your hair well hydrated and moisturized.

5. Choosing the Wrong Hair Products

One of the mistakes most people make is using the wrong hair products. When you notice your hair is graying, you should switch to a more friendly hair care regime. For beginners, it may be hard to choose the right products for your hair. Consider talking to your salonist about the right products to use.

Wrapping Up

Gray hair is delicate and requires a different care regime. Sticking to your old hair care routine will cause more damage to your hair. But with the above tips, you can say goodbye to gray hair frizz. You can also visit us today for any concerns you may have regarding your hair. Our professional salonists will be happy to assist you.

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