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European Facial: What It is and Why You Should Try it

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

European Facial: What It is and Why You Should Try it

European facial is one of the most popular facials provided by beauty spas. It is one of the most loved skin treatments due to its amazing benefits. And if you are wondering if it is worth it, you need to stay with me as I take you through what makes this incredible facial unique.

What is European Facial Treatment?

A European facial, popularly known as a classic facial is a skin treatment procedure that involves cleansing, exfoliating, extraction, and massaging. Once these four procedures are carried out, a face mask is applied to tighten the skin pores and peeled off once dry.

Finally, Skin nourishing serums and moisturizers are applied depending on your skin type and goals. After the procedure, your skin will look brighter, smoother, and tighter with an even tone and texture.

Those with acne can see improvement in their skin after several sessions.

Benefits of European Facial

Unclogs Skin Pores

Dead cells and sebum can accumulate on the skin, causing inflammation of the pores and eventually triggering breakouts and skin blemishes. European facial involves steaming and exfoliation, which help unclog skin pores helping prevent dead cells from building up. This helps promote healthier skin.

Improves Skin Radiance

Neglected skin may have a dull appearance. During European facials, estheticians use a cleanser to cleanse your skin and encourage skin renewal. Serums and moisturizers are used to brighten up and nourish the skin.

Promote Blood Circulation

One of the procedures done during European facial is massaging. This, coupled with the steaming process, helps improve blood circulation and speeds up skin cell generation and recovery for those with acne.

Better still, massaging the face helps reduce tension and help your skin and mind relax.

Reduce Fine Lines and Blemishes

A blemish-free skin is beautiful skin. Classic facial aims at removing skin impurities that cause skin aging and blemishes. This helps refresh the skin and promote healthy skin. Applying a facial mask helps tighten the skin, which is great for people with fine lines.

Hydrate and Rejuvenate Skin

Just like the hair, the skin requires moisture to help keep it well hydrated and glowing. The products used in the final stages help lock in skin moisture for optimal hydration and skin rejuvenation.

How Often Should You Get a European Facial

Getting regular spa facials is a great way to achieve your skin goals. But the question is, how often do you book your appointment? Well, this will vary depending on the skin goals you would like to achieve. Consider talking to your aesthetician to help formulate an aftercare routine and frequency of your facial.

Wrapping Up

European facial is undoubtedly one of the most effective skin treatment procedures you can't go wrong with. The benefits are amazing, and it's worth every penny. Contour Day Spa of Fort Lauderdale has professional and licensed aestheticians for all your skincare needs. Consult today.


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