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6 Winter Skincare Tips for a Healthy Glow

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

6 Winter Skincare Tips for a Healthy Glow

Winter skincare tips for glowing winter skin. Taking care of your skin should be regular exercise, but it gets challenging as seasons change. And winter is one of the seasons when most people get it wrong. As you change your dressing with the season, so should your skincare routine.

And today, we take you through some of the winter skincare tips to help you pull through the harsh weather conditions. Keep reading

1. Keep Skin Moisturized Well

Keep Skin Moisturized Well

Your skin needs to lock in more moisture and especially during winter. So it would be best if you moisturize more. However, you need to drop the moisturizer you used during the summer and spring seasons.

Oil-based moisturizers give the best results during winter as compared to water-based.

Make sure you do this to your whole body.

Note: Most night creams are oil based

2. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

If you think you need more water during summer than winter, you are wrong. The body needs water to carry out metabolic functions. Better still, staying hydrated helps the body flush out toxins that may cause skin inflammation. Plentiful water intake gives you a radiant and young glow.

However, do not overdo it. Keep your intake up to 8 glasses a day. Consider taking it warm to help beat the winter weather.

Invest in a quality humidifier. It helps keep your skin moisturized by increasing moisture in the dry winter air.

3. Go Slow on Facial Peels

Go Slow on Facial Peels

Doing skin peels in winter doesn't do justice to your skin; you need to go slow. Avoid alcohol-based astringents, toners, and facial masks, as they strip your skin of essential oils. Instead, consider spa facials and facial massages to help keep your skin in good shape.

At Contour Day Spa, we have licensed estheticians who can help you restore your skin regardless of the season.

4. Do Not Forget Sunscreen

Do Not Forget Sunscreen

Snow glare and winter sun can damage your skin. Make sure you apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 and above. Do regular applications if you will stay outside or long.

5. Avoid Super-Hot Showers

Avoid Super-Hot Showers

You know how tempting it is to enjoy a hot shower during winter. Well, taking super-hot showers strips skin moisture while leaving it irritated. So try to keep your shower temperatures moderate. Keep shower time to 10 minutes maximum to avoid overwashing or stripping skin essential oils.

6. Eat Healthily

Eat Healthily

It's tempting to keep your hot drinks consumption like coffee and tea high during winter. However, this can increase sugar intake, which can affect your skin. Enjoying several cups of your favourite drinks can do more harm than good for people with acne or oily skin.

So your drink and food choices should be done wisely. Add foods with high water content, like watermelon, kiwi, cucumbers, zucchini, apples, celery, and oranges. Increase your flaxseed and Fish consumption for a supple, hydrated glow.

Wrapping Up

Taking care of your skin during winter should not be that hard. With the above tips, you can confidently conquer the harsh environmental condition that may damage your skin. Try them today and let your skin do the talking.

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