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Does Swedish Massage Reduce Cancer-Related Fatigue? Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Does Swedish Massage Reduce Cancer-Related Fatigue? Everything You Need To Know

Swedish massage is one of the therapeutic modalities said to have massive benefits to cancer patients. But the question is, does it work?

Well, if you have been wondering if this massage modality is safe, just stick with me till the end as I unveil the effects of Swedish massage on cancer patients.

But before we dive right in, let's look at the history of Swedish massage and the effects it had on cancer patients.

History of Swedish massage

Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic modalities practiced in the medical industry. In 1868, Dutch doctor Johann Georg Mezger invented Swedish massage modality.

The same year before completing his medical studies, he wrote a 47-page dissertation paper on The Treatment of Distorio Pedis with Frictions which was later used as a Swedish massage basis.

Mezger applied his medical knowledge to develop five different therapeutic techniques, which are still used to date and are the basis of Swedish massage therapy.

And here are the five therapeutic techniques he developed:

1. Petrissage –kneading muscles

2. Vibration- shaking specific muscles

3. Effleurage- long glided strokes

4. Tapotement- percussive movements

5. Friction-steady circular rubbing motions

Does Massage Therapy Help Cancer Patients?

Cancer and its treatment techniques like chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, and immunotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy cause fatigue.

Unlike normal fatigue, cancer-related fatigue can take a toll on your body and bar you from carrying out your normal daily activities. I know this is too much to take in, but the truth is, if these side effects are ignored, they eventually sap nutrients and energy from the body, leaving you even more vulnerable to other health complications.

Does Massage Therapy Help Cancer Patients?

Medical studies on whether massage therapy helps reduce these effects were carried out. Reports from the study recommend Swedish massage for relieving cancer-related fatigue.

How Swedish Massage Helps Reduce Cancer-Related Fatigue

Massage therapy is one of the popularly used post-cancer treatment options health practitioners swear by. A Swedish massage helps relax your muscles, which soothes the pain and discomfort from curative cancer procedures.

Due to its relaxing nature, the Swedish massage modality is an excellent way to relieve fatigue for cancer patients. Better still, massage therapy is a surefire technique for improving emotional well-being, boosting energy levels and immunity.

Medical research has shown promising results for Swedish massage for cancer patients. Oncologists use in-house Swedish massage for cancer patients to help minimize the side effects.

However, after getting discharged, patients are recommended to continue with the procedure to improve their well-being.

Aside from relieving fatigue, the Swedish massage modality helps cancer patients reduce the following side effects.







Muscle tension



After going through massage therapy, most people can carry out their daily activities with ease and have a good night's sleep. That’s not all; Swedish massage improves emotional well-being minimizing any chances of suffering emotional stress, anxiety attacks, and depressive moods that sap your energy levels.

Is Swedish Massage Safe For Cancer Patients?

There have been some misconceptions surrounding cancer and massage therapy. Some think that getting a massage can spread cancer cells. This is not true. Swedish massage is safe for cancer patients and aims at relieving the temporary side effects caused by treatment procedures.

Is Swedish Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Swedish Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, Swedish massage is mild and only aims at relieving pain, backaches, and muscle tension while promoting relaxation and improving the quality of sleep. Most expectant mothers experience these symptoms and can benefit massively from massage therapy sessions.

Wrapping Up

Swedish massage has shown promising results for cancer patients and remains an effective method for fighting cancer treatment side effects. However, you do not need to be a cancer patient to get a Swedish massage. You can take advantage of this therapeutic modality and improve your state of wellbeing. Book a session today with a professional massage therapist, and enjoy a peaceful escape of the mind, body, and soul.


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