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7 Proven Tips for Maintaining Your Acrylic Nails

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

7 Proven Tips for Maintaining Your Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are a fashion trend that is here to stay. And just like other nails, they require proper care. However, due to their unmatched strength and durability, most people think they do not need to be taken care of.

Knowing how to take care of your acrylic nails will keep them in good shape for longer while protecting your natural nails. And today, I unveil the secret to wearing acrylic nails long-term. Read on!

1. Choose The Right Length That Suits Your Lifestyle

Choose The Right Length That Suits Your Lifestyle

We all do different chores daily, and what works for someone else may not suit your lifestyle. For instance, if your job is rough on your hands, long nails won't be an excellent pick. Nails that extend 1.3cm past your natural nails are prone to chipping and breakage and should be avoided if your daily chores are demanding.

2. Wear Waterproof Gloves When Working

Wear Waterproof Gloves When Working

Water weakens your acrylic nails, making them loose. When doing your house chores, wearing waterproof gloves helps keep them dry and prevent them from chipping.

3. Keep Your Nails Moisturized with Oil

Keep Your Nails Moisturized with Oil

When acrylic nails are not moisturized frequently, they become rigid and stiff. This increases their chances of breaking. Applying two drops of nail oil twice or thrice a day can help make them more flexible.

4. Keep Your Nails Clean

Dirt and bacteria may find their way to your nails, which can damage them when not washed well. Use warm water with mild soap to clean them. Scrub with a soft, brittle nail brush on top, and under your acrylic nails to remove dirt, and bacteria that may be trapped.

Dry your nails to prevent fungus and bacteria from growing with a soft towel. Always avoid warm air dryers.

Apply a skin moisturizer to soothe the skin and cuticles.

5. Never Fix a Broken Acrylic Nail Yourself

Never Fix a Broken Acrylic Nail Yourself

When your nails chip or break, do not attempt to fix it, as doing so may cause more damage. Visit a professional nail technician, and get it fixed.

6. Get A Retouch Every Two to Three Weeks

Get A Retouch Every Two to Three Weeks

Acrylic nails need to be retouched every 2 to 3 weeks to keep them looking great. Visit your nail technician for professional touch-ups.

7. Remove Your Acrylic Nails After Three Weeks

After every three weeks, you need to visit your technician to remove your nails. Never try to remove your nails even when they seem to be loose, as this may weaken your natural nails. After removing your acrylic nails, wait for a week before applying new acrylics or gel polish.

Get your natural nails filled, trimmed and treated to prevent bacteria from growing. Moisturize the cuticles, skin and nails to keep them healthy and strong.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining your acrylic nails should not be hard if you implement all the above tips. However, to make your nails serve you longer, you need to book an appointment with an experienced nail technician.


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