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9 Tips For Making Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

9 Tips For Making Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Maintaining lash extensions may be challenging, especially if you are a beginner. But that does not mean it can't be done. And in this roundup, we take you through proven ways you can make your lashes last longer and look flawless. Sounds good, right? Now grab a pen and a paper and stick with me till the end.

1. Choose Your Eyelashes Extension Wisely

Choose Your Eyelashes Extension Wisely

Eyelash extensions are not equal, and not every eyelash out there will be fit for you. One of the important factors to pay more attention to is eyelash length. An extra-long extension may be challenging to maintain and may not last long. Choose a set that matches your natural eyelashes and complements well your lash shape.

2. Avoid Thicker Eye Lashes

Avoid Thicker Eye Lashes

Most people think thicker eyelash extensions last longer, but the truth is, heavy lashes fall and peel faster. Always go for lash extension within 0.05mm to 0.07 mm range.

3. Choose A Professional Lash Specialist

Choose A Professional Lash Specialist

Choosing the right lash extension is not enough. You need to get them done by a professional lash specialist. In most cases, lash specialists may help you make the right decision. If you may be looking for a lash specialist, you can book one here.

4. Keep Off Eyelash Aggressors

Keep Off Eyelash Aggressors

Water, steam, and heat affect the glue bond. Always make sure you keep off the sauna, swimming to give the glue two to three days. For the sake of longevity of your lashes, avoid mascara, even the water-soluble ones. Mascara contains waxes and oils that require a thorough cleaning with water.

Rubbing your eyes can also affect the sanity of your lashes and should be avoided at all costs.

5. Invest In An Eye Lash Sealer

Invest In An Eye Lash Sealer

Eyelash sealer helps prevent your lashes from twisting and prevents the glue from losing its adhesiveness. It does what its name says, seal your lashes, keeping them in place for longer. For best results, invest in a lash sealer with hyaluronic serum and acrylic to keep them well conditioned while keeping them put.

6. Pay Attention To How You Apply Your Facial Cream

Facial creams contain oils that may impact the lash glue, and before you know it, your lashes have started falling out prematurely. When applying your facial creams, always avoid the eye area.

7. Keep Cotton Pads From Your Eyes

It may be tempting to clean your eyes with a cotton swab, but the truth is cotton will not do your lashes justice. Some may get tangled during the cleaning and will require more time to untangle.

8. Avoid Sleeping With Your Stomach

Avoid Sleeping With Your Stomach

Sleeping with your face down will ruin your lashes, and with time the glue will weaken, making them fall off. Try as much as possible to lie with your head facing up.

9. Get Lash Refill

Get Lash Refill

Even with proper care, lash extensions will fall, and that is where lash refills come in handy. To help keep your lashes flawless and fluttery, you need to refill them twice a month.

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