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5 Signs You Need A Scalp Detox

Scalp health plays a vital role in your hair wellness. You may have a proper hair care routine, but if you do not do a scalp detox, your hair may stop growing. Worse still, your hair may start losing its former glory. And that is where scalp detox comes in. But before you perform it, you need to know the signs. And in this round-up, we have compiled signs to look out for.

Oily Scalp

Like your skin, your hair scalp needs sebum to moisturize. Your glands may be overactive, leading to excess sebum production. This causes excess oil build-up on your scalp, which causes more harm.

When dirt and oil accumulate on your hair strand, your hair follicles get clogged. This eventually inhibits nutrient absorption from your hair care products which weakens your strands. Detoxing your scalp helps balance the PH and control oil production.

Increased Hair Fall

While it's normal to lose a few strands when styling your hair, increased hair fall is a sign that your scalp is unhealthy. This a great sign your hair pores are clogged, and there is reduced blood circulation. A spa scalp detox helps strengthen hair strands, improve circulation, reduce thinning and prevent hair fall.

Itchy Scalp

An itchy, and flaky scalp can be caused by dirt, dandruff, shampoo or hair care product build-up. This is one of the signs your scalp signals of a problem. Detoxing helps restore your scalp.

Smelly Scalp

A smelly scalp is a sign of oil and dirt build-up. When you notice a slight smell on your scalp, a comprehensive scalp treatment is needed.

Sore Scalp

When dead skin accumulates, you may experience scalp soreness or acne. If you notice scalp sensitivity or pain on your scalp, it's high time you do a scalp detox. If the problem does not resolve, it can be a sign of a serious scalp ailment requiring professional help.

Wrapping Up

A scalp detox is a great hair care routine that can never be overlooked. And once you notice the above signs, it's high time you visit your hair stylist for professional advice. Contour Day Spa Plantation FL offer scalp detox treatment; visit us today.

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