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What is a Hair Topper, and Do I Need One?

A hair topper is a hair piece that is normally attached to the scalp to disguise hair thinning. While everyone yearns to have a healthy- looking hair, the hair may start to fall or thin out as we grow old. If you have hair loss or thinning, you understand how it can affect your self-esteem.

A great way to navigate through this is to use a hair topper. However, it is only recommended for those with partial hair loss, receding hair lines and bald spots.

And just like choosing your hair stylist, you need to choose your hair toppers wisely. Check out what to look out for.

What to Look Out for When Investing in A Hair Topper

Buying a hair topper for the first time may be a challenge. And here are the factors to consider. Just take a look.


Consider buying a hair topper that is of high quality. At Contour Day Spa, we offer premium quality hair toppers that suit everyone's needs.


Just like your hair, your topper will require maintenance to keep it in good shape. Before investing in one, ensure you have inquired from your hairstylist about what you need to take care of your topper.

Hair Color

Hair toppers come in different colors, and you must choose one that blends well with your hair color. This will help give time for your hair to grow while you maintain a beautiful hairstyle.


Choose a size that perfectly fits your preferences and complements your hair well.


Hair toppers are not equal, and so is their cost. Talk with your stylist about the best topper for your budget. Note that a premium topper will cost you slightly higher than standard quality.

Hair Care Routine that Encourages Fuller-Looking Hair

Before you put a hair topper, you must be well versed on the best hair care routine to help grow your hair faster and fuller. If you have hair thinning or loss, you can consider scalp treatment. Contour Day Spa offers scalp treatment, and massage for hair loss and thinning.

We recommend you treat your scalp and massage it before using a hair topper for the best results. We have professional hair stylists who can help you make your hair ideas into reality.

Check your Diet

Some nutritional deficiencies can cause hair thinning or loss. Taking a nutrient rich diet can help keep your body and hair well nourished.

Wrapping Up

Hair toppers are a great pick if you wish to grow fuller hair. However, you need to know the cause of your hair thinning or loss to help grow it back. Contour Day Spa Plantation FL has professional beauticians to help you install hair toppers and give professional advice on how to grow your hair back stronger and healthy. Visit us today

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