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5 Popular Hair Loss Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Hair loss myths are not new, and not being well informed can throw you down into the internet rabbit hole. And in most cases, people tend to focus on how to grow healthy hair without knowing some hair care practices can also lead to hair loss. Losing hair is frustrating, and while no one wants the experience, you need to know the myths you may have believed regarding hair. And today, we debunk them. Read on!

1. You Can’t Reverse Hair Loss

Different facts can contribute to hair loss. While it can be challenging to reverse genetic rooted hair loss like alopecia and male baldness, that does not mean effects experienced from other factors can not be reversed.

Stress, hormones, diet, hair care routine, pregnancy, postpartum, and lifestyle are other factors that influence hair loss; however, the effects can be reversed.

2. Over Washing Causes Hair Loss

Most people believe they lose hair when they overwash. While you may lose a few strands when styling, it is normal. However, it is not recommended to over-wash your hair as it can make it dry and brittle.

3. Wearing a Hat Causes Hair Loss

Most people like wearing hats to protect their hair from harsh weather conditions. Some believe that when you wear a hat, you restrict your hair follicles from getting enough oxygen which causes them to die.

Others think wearing a hat restricts blood flow from the scalp hindering blow flow around the hair line leading to hair loss. Well, no research has linked the two cases to trigger hair loss.

4. Only Women Experience Hair Loss

Hair loss is thought to affect women only, mostly due to hormonal imbalance and childbirth. However, men, too, experience hair loss with patterns of baldness.

5. If Your Grand Father Was Bald, You Will Be Too

While your parents’ genetics play a role in your hair, if one of your parents or grandparents had hair loss, that does not mean you will have it too. However, having parents who have alopecia or baldness, you have a high chance of experiencing the same, but it's not a guarantee you will.

Wrapping Up

What other hair loss myths have you heard that we may have left out? Share them in the comment section, and we will sample them.

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