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Teen Acne: How to Treat and Clear Teen Acne Blemishes

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Teen Acne: How to Treat and Clear Teen Acne Blemishes

Teen acne is one of the skin challenges most teenagers struggle with. Recent studies have shown that 90 % of teens are affected by acne. This number is so alarming. Some teenagers get deep scars that may take years to clear if not treated early. This can hurt their fragile self-esteem and affect their performance and social life.

I know this is too much to take in as a parent, but the truth is acne can scar your teen for years. And the only way to help them reclaim their confidence is to help them restore their flawless skin.

So how do you go about it? Well, before we get down to the meat and potatoes, let's first look at the factors that make teen acne worse.

What makes Teen Acne Worse?

Hormonal changes are behind teen acne. Like any other type of acne, teen breakouts can worsen with time. This can be due to some factors, which may include:

ü Poor Diet

ü Anxiety and Stress

ü Popping or squeezing pimples which results to deep or permanent scarring

ü Touching the face with dirty nails may transfer bacteria to the skin.

ü Poor skincare routine

ü Treating acne late

ü Wrong treatment procedure

How To Clear Teen Acne?

Acne is not fun and requires the right approach. However, clearing it requires patience. While you can use over-the-counter medications, some of these treatments can cause more breakouts.

Worse still, when teens notice that their skin is not getting better, they get stressed and lose their self-esteem. When the body is under stress, it produces cortisol which interrupts the hormones. Hormonal imbalances trigger more acne. Keeping all these triggers in control can help manage your teen acne.

However, clearing the already existing blemishes can help restore your teenager’s confidence. To avoid any guesswork, consider working with a skin therapist. Before your teen starts the treatment, your esthetician will study your teen's skin before starting your treatment. However, some teenagers may clear their blemishes faster than others, depending on the severity.

At Contour Day Spa, we offer different teen acne treatments customized to suit the teen skin type. Start your teenager acne recovery journey today and let your teen skin do the talking. Our estheticians are licensed, experienced and independent. Visit us today https://www.contourdayspa.com/


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