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Is Blow Drying Your Hair Bad? Things You Need to Know

Blow drying your hair is one of the best ways to give your hair a break after constant braiding. And for people who do not like braiding or maintaining natural hair, it can be an effective way of managing your hair.

But the question is, how safe is it for your hair? Stay with me as I unveil things you didn't know happen to your hair when you blow dry. But before then, let’s look at how to blow dry your hair.

How To Blow Dry Your Hair

Blowdrying your hair may seem simple, but if not done right, it can make hair cuticle porous, damage your hair and weaken strands leading to hair loss.

Ensure you have invested in a quality blow dryer that constantly supplies heat. Set your dryer to medium heat, and ensure your hair is washed thoroughly with a shampoo that suits your hair type.

When you start blow drying, take a shorter time applying heat. This helps prevent applying a lot of heat on your hair strands which may cause damage.

Benefits of Blow Drying Hair

ü It makes hair easy to manage

ü Promotes hair growth

ü Reduces hair fall

ü It makes hair easy to style

ü It gives hair a stylish look

ü If you have curly hair, it helps straighten the hair

ü It helps boost your confidence

ü Dries hair faster compared to air drying

How Frequently Should You Blow Dry Your Hair?

Now that you know heat is not good for your hair, you must also know the frequency. Normally, it is recommended to blowdry hair twice or once a week. However, this applies to people who have healthy hair.

If you have dry hair, hair loss, or chemical or heat-damaged hair, you should avoid blow drying and stick to air drying.

Wrapping Up

Blowdrying your hair is not bad, provided you ensure you do it daily and your hair is not damaged. Always make sure you apply hair serum with heat-protectant capabilities. Keep your hair well nourished by eating a balanced diet and applying quality hair products. Please note that hair products should change as you age and seasons change. For best results, please consult your stylist on the frequency of blow drying your hair and the right products to use according to your hair type and season. Contact us for best blow dry Plantation fl.

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