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Debunking the Myths Surrounding Keratin Hair Smoothing

Keratin hair smoothing is a popular treatment used by stylists to revitalize their client's hair. However, this treatment is surrounded by some myths. And today, we are going to debunk them. Take a look to help make informed decisions.

Keratin Hair smoothing Causes Hair Loss

There have been claims that keratin hair smoothing causes hair damage. This is not true. If appropriately done by a professional hair stylist, keratin treatment helps strengthen your hair strands and eliminate frizz. This makes it easy to manage your hair even during harsh climatic conditions.

Just like any other hair treatment, keratin treatment requires proper care. Make sure you talk with your stylist for the best aftercare products and retouching procedures.

Keratin Treatment Requires High Maintenance

Just like your body, your hair requires care, and keratin is not an exception. However, keratin treatment does not require costly maintenance, a great reason why most people prefer it. The ease of styling and healthy look it adds to your hair makes it a go-to treatment for those with a tight schedule.

Keratin Treatment Has Harmful Chemicals

Premium quality keratin treatments do not contain harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, which makes it safe to use. Make sure you go for formaldehyde-free keratin treatment.

Keratin Treatment Is A Permanent Hair Treatment

Keratin treatments help eliminate frizz, relax curls and improve manageability. These effects may last for a few weeks to several months and slowly reduce as the hair grows. However, you need to talk to your stylists to know how often you should do the retouching.

Keratin Treatment Are for Women

Keratin treatments are not for women only; men can also revitalize and add a beutiful frizz-free luster to their hair. And the best part is, it is recommended for all hair types.

Wrapping Up

Being well-versed with keratin treatment facts is a great way to make informed decisions. Contour Day Spa has professional stylists well-versed with the latest trends, and keratin treatment is no exception. Visit us today for professional advice.

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