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5 Pre And Post Workout Hair Tips

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

5 Pre And Post Workout Hair Tips

Working out is great for your mind and body wellness. However, with the sweating that happens, at times, it does not do justice to your hair. But does that mean you should stop exercising? Of course not. In this piece, we have compiled five incredible pre and post-workout hair tips. Check them out.

1. Choose the Right Hairstyle

Though there is no perfect hairstyle for working out, how you style your hair matters. You may be tempted to gather your hair in a ponytail or ultra-high tight knot to keep it off your face when working out. While this may seem a good idea, it can do more damage.

Wearing tight hairstyles can cause hair thinning, hair loss, or worse still, traction alopecia. Instead, consider loose and free like pigtails, boho braids, relaxed ponytails, or an oversize low burn.

2. Use Dry Hair Shampoo Frequently

You do not want sweat or dirt to build up after a workout. So, you will be prompted to wash your hair every other day. Though it may seem like a good haircare routine, it can damage your hair. Making dry hair shampoo your friend can help revive and refresh your hair strands without water.

Pro Tip: Use dry shampoo before working out and style your hair as desired. Make sure you tie it with a satin hair wrap to prevent frizz or tangles.

3. Use the Right Hair Accessories

After a workout, it's advisable to style your hair again to avoid tangles and derail damage early. When styling your hair, use a wide-toothed comb to avoid breaking the strands. Use soft pillows and soft hair bands to prevent friction.

4. Detoxify Your Scalp

Treating your scalp regularly helps keep your hair healthy. Detoxifying your scalp also helps balance PH levels which builds a good environment for nutrient absorption and growth. Better still, the procedure helps prevent hair problems like hair loss, thinning, itching, dryness, and flakiness.

Talk to your hairstylist to determine how often you need a scalp treatment.

5. Prioritize Your Wellness

While working out is one way to improve your wellness, you should complement it with a balanced diet and quality hair routine. Keep yourself hydrated to help prevent dehydration and hair dryness. Moisturize your hair and change your products as seasons change. Talk to your hairstylist for professional advice.

Wrapping Up

Your hair is your crown and needs the proper care. Do not let your workout exercises hinder you from achieving your hair goals. Implement the above tips and let your hair do the talking. What pre and post-workout haircare tips do you use? Share yours in the comments section.

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