Wellness Is A Delicate Balance

In your life, there will be places you will visit and never forget. Our Spa is one of those places. It is a rare combination 

of necessity and luxury, where our objective is to restore your inner beauty. We are a restful escape for the mind, 

body and soul, where the atmosphere is tranquil and nurturing. 

Our goal is to take you to a state of well being. Your journey will take you on a stress relieving path with body rubs, 

scrubs and replenishing skin nourishment. A journey of total detoxification, as treatments draw toxins out of your 

body to promote a natural state of health and well-being.

A full range of Spa Treatment and Healing Therapies are provide in deluxe treatment rooms, refreshing beds,

 steam rooms, sauna and so much more. 

Our  water therapy sanctuary is an exclusive room that transforms the art of body care 

into glorious, sensuous ritual. 

We also offer a complete hair and nail makeup services. 

Come and begin your journey. Find your Balance. Find Us.



Rest Your Soul

Many of us overlook the need for rest - not for our bodies, but for our souls which is a much deeper 
kind of relaxation. Spiritual fatigue is the result of trying to live without FAITH. 
The symptoms are obvious: 
Worry, fear, resentment and guilt. Neither sleep, working out, nor a day off will rid you of these 
draining emotions. Such fatigue requires a spiritual recharging.