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Reasons Why You Should Have a Hot Stone Massage Now

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Reasons Why You Should Have a Hot Stone Massage Now

Hot stone massage therapy has been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times. The massage modality is known for the amazing benefits it offers to the body; making it one of the modalities that cannot be overlooked.

But before we get down to why you should enjoy one, let's get to know more about hot stone massage.

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Like the name suggests, hot stone massage is a type of massage that uses hot stones. During the massaging process, hot stones are placed on particular parts of your body to help relieve pain. Some of the parts where the stones may be placed include:

ü Stomach

ü Feet and toes

ü Hands

ü Chest

ü Palms

ü Spine

Massage therapists use the power of hot stones combined with Swedish massage techniques to soothe the sore parts and relax the body.

Why You Need a Hot Stone Massage

Promotes Better Sleep

A hot stone massage can be an excellent replacement for your sleeping pills if you have insomnia.

Research conducted in 2019 showed that hot stone massage helps improve sleep quality for people with hemodialysis.

Better still, the patients were more active, mentally alert, and positive upon waking up.

Boost’s Immunity

Body immunity plays a vital role in responding to infections and diseases. Once compromised, your body becomes more susceptible to health complications. People who receive regular hot stone massage have a stronger immune system than those who don't.

However, you do not need a compromised immune system to enjoy hot stone massage. You can use the modality to keep your immune system in check.

Helps Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Stress is part of our life, and when ignored, it can develop into life-threatening health complications. A hot stone massage can help relieve all the anxiety and stress by calming your body when faced with such challenges.

Research has shown that receiving a 15-minute massage can help reduce stress and anxiety while improving positive thinking and approach to life.

Helps Reduce Cancer Symptoms

Cancer patients experience different symptoms from cancer medications and chemotherapy procedures. Research has shown that human touch through massage can help relieve these symptoms and help patients live a quality life.

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Pain and Symptoms Management (JPSM), massage therapy helps relieve cancer-related symptoms.

Relieves Muscle Pain

When combined with Swedish massage techniques, hot stone therapy is an excellent remedy for sore muscles. The heat from the stones helps boost blood flow around the affected area. Swedish massage techniques help relax the muscles and minimize muscle spasms while increasing muscle recovery.

Relieves Symptoms of Auto-Immune Diseases

According to PubMed, moderate pressure massage like hot stone massage has been shown to help relieve symptoms of rheumatoid.

Fibromyalgia patients have also shown significant improvement in their symptoms after receiving a 30 minutes massage twice a week for five weeks. Making massage therapy a go-to remedy for people with auto-immune diseases.

Wrapping Up

Hot stone massage benefits can not be overlooked. The massage modality is an excellent investment for those looking forward to restoring their inner beauty. Start your wellness journey by booking your hot stone massage with us today.


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