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Back Facial and Who Should Get Them?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Back Facial and Who Should Get Them?

One of the most neglected body parts of the body is the back. While you may try to clean your back when bathing, there are areas you cannot reach. And with time, you may feel your back being rough even after moisturizing. Worse still, dead skin may accumulate, causing breakouts and severe acne. And that’s where back facials come in handy?

What Is A Back Facial?

A back facial is a care treatment done on your back. The procedure aims at cleansing, extracting, and refreshing your skin. However, while the procedure offers incredible benefits to the skin, you need to know when you need one.

And before we get down to who should get a back facial, let's look at its benefits.

Benefits of Back Facial

Cleanses your Skin

Most people find it hard to reach half of their backs when taking a shower. This means some of the hard-to-reach areas may not be adequately cleaned. And before you know it, dead cells start building up. And if not exfoliated on time, the skin around these areas gets clogged, leading to breakouts.

Back facial aims at exfoliating the dead skin keeping your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Prevents Breakouts

Skin breakouts in your body can be triggered by different factors, including hormones, diet, skin care products, and stress. However, most people who struggle with back acne find it hard to manage since they can not reach their back.

This makes it hard for anyone who may wish to clear breakouts with over-the-counter products. However, a spa back facial aims to exfoliate, extract and care for your skin while preventing new breakouts. If you have stubborn acne, your aesthetician can recommend an after-care regime to help you restore your skin to its former glory.

Moisturizes and Hydrates Skin

Back facials stimulate collagen production, which gives your skin a glow. The products used help lock in moisture on the skin and give it a glow, giving you the confidence to rock your beach body suit.

Who Should Get a Back Facial?

Get a professional back facial if:

ü You have stubborn back acne

ü You have dull skin or back

ü Have sensitive skin

ü Have itchy, scaly back

ü Have dark spots on the skin

ü You wish to hydrate and give your skin a glow

How Often Should You Get a Back Facial?

While getting a back facial is essential, the frequency may vary depending on your skin goals. For instance, someone with acne-prone skin needs to do facials more frequently than someone who doesn't. If you have an upcoming event and wish to wear a backless dress or top or enjoy the summer at the beach, a back facial can be a great addition to your skincare routine.

However, it is recommended to talk to your esthetician to know how frequently, you should be booking your appointment.

Wrapping Up

Back facials benefits cannot be overlooked. Exfoliate the bad vibes away by taking advantage of our signature facials that are tailored to suit your skin type. Book an appointment now with our licensed estheticians and let your skin do the talking.


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