Tanning & Body Bronzing

For a sun safe way to achieve that beautiful summer glow, explore our
Body Bronzing services.



About our Bronzing: $49 per session

Our exclusive formula contains only the safest ingredients (including DHA, a sugarcane  derivative safely used in self tanners since the early 1960s). Unlike the iodinetinted orange faux tans of old, our formula allows for a natural looking glow without the damage of UVA and UVB rays.


● You will be seamlessly airbrushed to achieve a rich base tan with only one session

● All our ingredients are FDA approved

● Our unique application allows for longer lasting results, up to 7 days

● Your complexion is sure to be complemented, as different tints and shades are available

● We offer spay and cream applications


Instructions Before Your Tan

1. Remove all unwanted body hair

2. Exfoliate before your appointment with a mild, oilfree solution

3. Shower, but do not apply any oils or moisturizer to skin unless you experience severe dry patches

4. Wear dark, loose fitting, preferably cotton clothing to avoid excess contact or staining fabric

5. Flipflops or slip on sandals are advised

6. Please arrive 15 minutes early so that you can properly prepare for your appointment


After tan instructions:

1. Showering or swimming is allowed after 5 hours; however the longer you allow the solution to
remain on your skin, the longer your bronzing will last.

2. Our solution is water soluble, any transference to clothing will disappear with washing

3. Do not exfoliate after bronzing, it will remove your tan


*Our formula is FDA approved and is safe to use as a topical application
and recommends that users should avoid inhaling or ingestin
g DHA.