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* Upgrade to a regular VIP suite $25 for  the couple.  This upgrade consist of 2 Massage rooms divided by a double door.  

We open the doors to create this VIP suite


* Upgrade to VIP with Jacuzzi will be $40  per person.  This upgrade includes a private Jacuzzi Soak for the couple. 



The use of the  "COUPLES RETREAT SUITE"   $40 per person.

            This suite is private and luxurious.


Bottle of Champagne or house wine. 
Fruit of the season platters. 
Tea with homemade cookies and Chocolate covered Strawberries.


Couple therapies

Relax with someone you love… your mom… your best friend… your husband…Pair up with someone special to you.

We will make it a g r e a t experience. The therapists synchronize themselves so you both experience

the joy of being massaged at the same time.

Swedish Massage • 70 Minutes $110 per guest *** Deep Tissue Massage • 80 Minutes $139 per guest***Hot Stone Massage •80 Minutes $139 per guest


Water Journey for two 3Hrs. $199 per guest

Begin your journey by soaking in a Jacuzzi,  followed by 50 minute Swedish Massage ending with European Facial ... aahhh...

                                                 Escape into total Tranquility  3Hrs. $299 per guest                                                                       

  Begin your journey by soaking in a Jacuzzi,  followed by 70 minute Hot Stone Massage, 

Anti-aging Facial, end with Reflexology spa Pedicure

                   A Sweet Escape 6Hrs. $399 per guest                                    

   B egin your journey by soaking in a Jacuzzi, followed by a  Lavender Body Buff & Scrub, Milk & Honey body Smoothing.  

                                                       Continue with a Honey Facial, 50 minutes Hot Stone Massage,  Milk & Honey Reflexology Spa Pedicure.                                                                                                                                                   

   Together fore ver 3Hrs $140 per guest

Enjoy 50 minute Swedish Massages,  Hand Paraffin Treatments and Spa Manicures &  Pedicures ensure you’ll keep experiencing the softest touch. 


Have a Date at the Spa• $150 per guest

Enjoy the magical experience of combined water therapy and massage.  Soak in a relaxing, lavender infused  

Jacuzzi, then indulge in Swedish Massages before enjoying a delightful dinner.

Happy Anniversary $281.00 per guest

Celebrate your journey together with a Spa Manicure and Sea Escape Pedicure, for a relaxing escape.   Afterwards, share the joy of 

80 minutes Hot Stone Massages,  then complete the experience by each  choosing an 80 minute anti-aging Contour Facial.  

Afterwards you’ll both look and feel young at heart!


Just the two of us  4Hrs $222 per guest

Le t the world slip away by indulging in the ultimate, serene experience with your loved one.   Enjoy 50 minute  Swedish Massages, followed by Signature Facials for  radiant skin.  Your experience will be followed  by Spa Manicures & Pedicures to ensure that your  relaxation is complete from head to toe.  

 A lunch is also available and optional, should you hunger for more than love.

Couples get away  $309 per guest ve.
Let the world slip away by indulging in the ultimate, serene experience with your loved one. Enjoy a Journey to Eden - that begins with Hand and Foot Reflexology to help create a healthy balance through enhancing circulation to the corresponding organs and meridians. 
Followed by Hydrotherapy Bath with Minerals Salts and Exotic Aromatherapy Oils. As you relax in your tub,
 we shampoo and condition your hair just like you were a baby... followed by a 50 minute Swedish Massage, end with a Classic Manicure & Sea Escape Pedicure to ensure that your relaxation is complete. A lunch is available as well as VIP suite. Both are optional.

Couples Retreat   $440.00 per person – 6hours

Journey to Eden, Loofah Body Buff and Scrub, Milk & Honey Body Smoothing, European Facial, Chocolate Pedicure followed by champagne Spa Lunch or Dinner   


The Journey to Eden for Two  90 Minutes  $149 per guest 

Start with Hand and Foot Reflexology to help create a healthy balance. As circulation is increased the body's  internal harmony is restored. Soak in a Hydrotherapy Bath with Mineral Salts and Exotic Aromatherapy Oils. You will experience a water therapy, that includes hands, ears, neck and shoulders. 

As you relax in your tub, we shampoo and condition your hair- like you were a baby.  Aaahhh... Your mind will drift away- and you will feel totally relaxed.

Garden of Eden for Two • 3 Hours   $260 per guest  
Water Therapies will inspire you to go to deep levels of relaxation. Start with Hand and Foot Reflexology.  Circulation is increased and the body's internal harmony is restored.   Soak in a Hydrotherapy tub with Mineral Salts and exotic Aromatherapy oils.  Experience a water therapy that includes hands, ears, neck and shoulders massage.   As your relax in the tub, we shampoo and condition your hair-like you were a baby, aahh...... From here... you are taken to the Hammam for a body shampoo, buff and scrub. Your mind will drift away- and you will feel totally relaxed, this is followed by a Milk & Honey body 
smoothing therapy that will help invigorate cell regeneration.  Your skin will feel silky smooth.   The Milk and Honey therapy will re-mineralize and firm dry and sun-damaged skin. The mixture of the two is rich with anti-oxidants, which will oxygenate your skin.

Chocolate Indulgence for Two70 Minutes  $129 per guest

Your Chocolate Indulgence Cellulite wrap starts with the Loofah Body Buff at the Hammam-that  will help invigorate cell regeneration,  followed by the guilt free way to enjoy chocolate without the calories!  A unique experience for those who wish to detoxify, smooth the skin, and contour the body. 
The sensory appeal of chocolate will inspire and delight as the body is reshaped and reconditioned.

Milk and Honey Body Smoothing • 70 Minutes  $149 per guest
Smoother skin is only a scrub away! A luxurious all over body polish is applied that will exfoliate, cleanse and revitalize.   
This is followed by a Milk & Honey body smoothing therapy. This experience will relax your body and soul. Your skin will feel silky and smooth.


Please Note...

* All massage are performed by licensed therapists ONLY! #6074. * For you level of comfort, you may request male or female therapist.

**Optional Spa Lunch is recommended after water therapies. **Two piece bathing suit required and please leave jewelry at home.


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