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Anti-Aging Facials

At Contour Day Spa, we believe proper skin care goes beyond the pursuit of beauty. Having

healthy, vibrant skin is a vital component of an overall wellness program that requires dedicated

attention. We specialize in immediate, visible results while emphasizing a longterm approach to

skincare that provides lasting benefits. Restore balance and vitality to your skin, through skillfully

performed treatments and gentle solutions applied by expert hands.



The Classics

Tailored to less problematic skin, these rejuvenating treatments get your face glowing and
hydrated. Using natural emollient herbs, oils, and serums, they will purify, tone, and rejuvenate
dull skin.


European Facial • 50 Minutes $85

Called the “European” as it’s considered a quintessential monthly practice by women abroad to maintain
one’s best appearance, each treatment is tailored to your individual needs. After a gentle cleansing and
steaming, your skin will be exfoliated, and blemishes lightly extracted if needed. 
A soothing mask is applied and allowed to set, as you enjoy a relaxing massage on scalp and shoulders.
This classic treatment will help your skin to feel refreshed and glowing!

(Please note, extractions are minimal with this facial. should you need deeper cleaning - we suggest the "deep pore cleansing facial" )


Refresher Facial • 25 Minutes $65

Perfect for those on a tight schedule, this 30minute

treatment freshens your skin with the basic, essential steps of our full length signature facials – 

cleansing, exfoliation, masque and moisturizing. Please note, extractions are not performed during this treatment.


Microdermabrasion • The Power Peel • AntiAging Oxygen Boost • 60 Minutes $160

A gentle, noninvasive epidermal skin treatment, the Power Peel uses professional abrasion tools to remove

damaged top layers of the epidermis, revealing new and healthier skin. A cooling algae mask is then
applied, and your classic European Facial treatment begins. Microdermabrasion produces lasting results;
however sensitivity and redness may be experienced for several days, and use of sunscreen afterwards is
strongly recommended.

Specialty Treatments:

Whether oily, sensitive, or simply fatigued, our enticing menu of luxurious specialty facial

treatments are sure to leave you with a toned, even, and glowing complexion.


MICRO–NEEDLING 90 Minutes $199

You can now look younger and refreshed with our exclusive ad advanced Micro-Needling.This is a non- invasive skin rejuvenation therapy using plasma made out of your own blood that will promote collagen production – it will also help to minimize surgical and Acne scars, stretch marks, hyper pigmentation, sagging skin and puffy eyes.You can now have the anti-aging medical grade movie stars facial treatments. Your skin will became firmer and regain elasticity. Fine lines and wrinkles will be visibly reduced.

Deep Cleansing Acne Facial • 60 Minutes $99

Specifically designed for sufferers of acne and frequent breakouts, this treatment attacks existing blemishes

with a thorough cleansing to remove acne causing bacteria. A deep exfoliation to unclog pores in addition to

antibacterial cleansing, detoxifying clays, and blemish fighting masques help prevent future breakouts and

leaves the skin soft and smooth.


Eminence Organic Paprika Facial • 70 Minutes • $125

Not just for cooking, this exotic spice creates the base for the hottest treatment in town! The Eminence

Paprika facial offers a truly exquisite experience as an extra potent

treatment for mature, fatigued, pigmented, and blemished skin, though it is not recommended 

for those who experience rosacea. When applied, our paprika solution oxygenates your skin 

while detoxifying, immediately causing tingly feelings of stimulation which result in a fresh and firm rosy glow!

Vitamin Infusion Facial • 50 Minutes $99

Reverse the effects of city living! Restore brightness, and undo environmental damage caused by the sun,

pollution and stress. This service will fortify your skin with a megadose of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to improve tone and texture.


Hydrating & Nourishing Facial with Vitamins Infusions • 70 Minutes $99

This intensely hydrating treatment smooths and plumps fine lines while increasing elasticity. Moisturizing
serums erase the signs of fatigue and bring balance to skin, revealing a refreshed complexion with a
dramatic improvement in texture and clarity. Similar to the effects of our vitamin facial, this treatment also
combats environmental damage, but is gentle enough to be customized for rosacea and sensitive skin.

Contour's Botanical Rosacea (Sensitive Skin) • 50 Minutes $95

Treat your delicate, sensitive, environmentally sensitized skin with this soothing facial. Using rosehips
combined with vitamin C to reduce redness and blotchiness, all steps in this lasting treatment will be
performed with the most gentle, caring touch.


Back Facial Treatment • 60 Minutes $99

We address the skin concerns on your back as we would your face. Our product’s active ingredients leave

you with incredibly softer and smoother skin. Let us help you take care of this often neglected

area that you can’t reach. Each session includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, moisturizing and a selective masque

specially formulated for your appropriate skin issue.


Anti-Aging Pumpkin Peel Facial 70 Minutes • $99

This delicious treatment leaves your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and youthful. The Pumpkin Peel
facial is designed to combat sun damage by neutralizing free radicals, while increasing oxygen flow to the surface
layers of your skin. As skin will continue to exfoliate for eight days following each treatment, we recommend
this facial peel once a month for those seeking to reduce the effects of time spent in the sun.

Beyond Botox Facial • 80 Minutes $160

A sophisticated anti-aging treatment to transform any fatigued complexion, our Beyond Botox facial features
a powerful blend of antioxidants to combat free radicals that have reduced skin’s collagen and elastin,
therefor causing skin to age. This treatment aids in tissue repair, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and
adds lasting hydration to promote a remarkably resilient complexion.


Four Layers Enzymes

 Vitamin C, Pumpkin and Repair treatment * 90 Minutes $145 
This ultimate ANTI AGING skin therapy designed to help expediting cell regeneration. A layer of glycolic acid, followed by a pumpkin peel – These two layers will go deep to just under the superficial layer of the epidermis. These two layers are followed by the Enzyme and vitamin C to minimize pores. Immediate results and long term benefits: healthier looking skin with visibly renewed moisture and after glow that lasts. Skin is toned, healthier and more radiant than ever.

Revitalizing Eye Treatment • $45 - (Upgrade to a Facial)

Remove puffiness, soften those dark circles, while toning and firming your delicate eye tissue. Our
Revitalizing Eye Treatment is a great enhancement to any facial.

Deluxe Glycolic Veil • $45 - (Upgrade to a Facial)

Experience the ultimate in skin smoothing treatments with our Glycolic acid mask, containing traditional
anti-aging botanicals. This powerful combination performed in combination with any facial provides a
dramatic improvement in clarity, tone, and texture.


Deluxe Collagen Veil • $45 -(Upgrade to a Facial) 

This luxurious treatment acts as a protective layer. Collagen is applied directly to the skin, assisting the
outer layers in retaining moisture and firmness, resulting in a lasting and dewy glow.
Please inform your therapist of any medications you’re using that may cause contraindications.