Throw away your mascara and get the lashes you’ve always dreamed of!

Discover ESQIDO’s professional grade MINK lashes - The softest, lightest, and most natural looking false eyelashes you’ll ever wear.



Handcrafted from the softest and finest naturally shed mink hairs, our lashes are inexplicably natural looking. Combined with their beautiful curls, these ultra-fine lashes give your eyes a natural lift.



Quality is everlasting. That’s why our lashes were crafted to be reusable and lasts much longer than traditional synthetic lashes. So you can enjoy your lashes day in, day out. Premium materials are only the start. To achieve the most natural looking lashes, we custom designed a range of styles suited for different eye types. The result — lashes that complement your eyes so well, you'll never want to take them off.


What it does:

Gorgeous on all eye shapes, the Faux Mink Lash Collection boosts your lash look with every wear. Handcrafted and triple stacked, the tapered fibers create the appearance of real mink fur. The placement of the lashes on the band are in the three intricate layers, which help accentuate the fluffiness of the lash, while giving you drama in a soft yet incredibly beautiful way. These Lashes are a cult favorite that have become an absolute necessity.


These lashes are high-quality and durable, do not need mascara, and are wearable for one to 15 times.


What else you need to know:

These lashes are vegan, cruelty-free, made from synthetic mellow fibers and a cotton band. Huda Beauty Lashes were created by lash guru and leading beauty personality.


The Farah #12:

Ideal for eyes with larger lids and prominent brow bones, or for women who like heavy makeup.


The Jade #13:

Perfect for most eye shapes, but great for women who like light-to-medium makeup.



Glamour ......................... $99

Touch ups ...................... $59


Refill: $59 (must have 30% of lashes remaining)

$59 per month includes one fill each month



Glamour ......................... $150

Touch ups ........................ $80


Refill: $80 (must have 30% of lashes remaining)


What to Expect

The application of extensions Procedure:

You can expect your initial eyelash extension procedure to be scheduled for up to 90 minutes. Prior to the application, your technician will conduct a thorough consultation allowing you the opportunity to help design your customized lash look. During application of lashes, you will comfortably recline with your eyes closed. The application is painless. Your technician will isolate an individual natural lash, then; he/she will expertly bond one eyelash extension to one natural lash. This technique creates a seamless look and feel as if these eyelash extensions were your own. To ensure your safety during and after the procedure, eyelash extensions are never applied to your skin.


You are to know:

1. Its hard to keep your eyes closed and still for almost 90 minutes. The more you think about your eyes remaining still, the more you find it nearly impossible. What are you supposed to do when your eyes must remain closed for hours at a time? Nap, I guess.


2. You will become addicted. “I can’t believe I waited so long to give eyelash extensions a shot” said a Guest and I can’t imagine how sad my natural lashes will look once they’re all gone. The extensions are supposed to last three to four weeks, and from there you can get them filled in.


3. How to care for your lash extensions: Extensions are no-longer high maintenance; they are very easy to care for.