An alternative method of promoting internal health and wellbeing, colonic flushes are a relaxing procedure. A technician gently rinses out your colon using warm water to remove excess toxins, waste, and residue



REDUCES of possible:


*Weight Loss    * Bloating Gas    * Skin Problems   * Food Cravings   * PMS   * Heartburn  
* Chronic Fatigue   * Depression Irritability and Anxiety


Colonic Cleansing Regimen • 60 minutes $99

A widely practiced treatment, this practice promotes not just physical well being, but mental and emotional clarity. However a cleansing regimen is not to be taken lightly, and mandates absolute commitment. For maximum results, it is imperative to receive four consecutive

 treatments, one per week.


Your cleansing treatment will begin with a steam and sauna, to encourage the removal of stored

toxins through sweat. Your technician will then begin the Hydrotherapy session after

inserting a small tube through your rectum. Our FDA approved equipment emits a stream

of warm, filtered water.


The gentle pressure causes your colon to contract, then eject a lifetime of built-up waste
and toxins. The treatment is remarkably relaxing and comfortable, and allows you
 to feel light, clean, and healthy.


Additional Detoxifying Treatments

There are many methods to rid ones body of unwanted impurities. However when a glass
of lemon water or daily yoga session simply won’t do, here are a few intensive and
 effective treatments which will leave you with a complete
 feeling of physical purity and mental clarity.


Seaweed Body Wrap • $149

A holistic mixture meant to draw out toxins and impurities and increase circulation
is gently applied to your entire body. You will then be snugly wrapped, and allowed to let mind and body relax, while unwanted impurities are drawn from your body.
Finally after rinsing, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


Manual Lymph-Drainage Massage • 90 Minutes $149

This gentle massage of your lymphatic system can effectively cleanse surrounding tissue of
swelling and liquid retention. It involves rhythmic yet precise hand movements, and alleviates discomfort by reducing pain signals to the brain.


Sauna Session • $40

Cleanse your skin, improve circulation, ease your muscles, and fade away tension as soothing
 heat fills your body with every breath. As built-up toxins are dispelled through your sweat, increase your relaxation by performing a few simple stretches. Emerge relaxed, revived, and
ready for whatever the day may bring.



This way of life will ensure the reduction of possible: *Weight Loss  
 * Bloating Gas    * Skin Problems   * Food Cravings   * PMS   * Heartburn  
* Chronic Fatigue   * Depression Irritability and Anxiety