Massage Therapies

Our relaxing and therapeutic treatments provide long-lasting benefits in addition to making you feel better instantly. All of our massage therapists are trained, certified practitioners that offer tangible results to alleviate the effects of stress, overuse, tension, and strain on your body.


Massage Therapies


Swedish Massage • 30 Minutes $65 • 50 Minutes $85 • 70 Minutes - $110

Escape stress with this classic, soothing massage technique that eases your tension with long fluid strokes

to promote a deep state of relaxation. Pressure can vary from light to medium depending on your preference.
This massage increase circulation as it soothes, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.


Aromatherapy Massage • 50 Minutes $99 • 80 Minutes - $139

Medicinal and essential oils, pressed from flowers and herbs, are applied in a gentle massage similar to the Swedish technique.
 This massage delights your senses while relaxing muscles; however, is not recommended for those who suffer from allergies.


Stress Reliever • 25 Minutes - $65

Find relief with our relaxing upper body massage, tailored to concentrate on the head, neck and shoulders, relieving
stress and tension. By concentrating on commonly tight, sore muscles in a specific high-stress areas, you can feel
 rejuvenated even during a busy day. This therapy also helps to decrease sinus pressure and tension related to headaches.


Reflexology (Hands & Feet) • 30 Minutes $65 • 50 Minutes - $99

The ancient treatment of hand & foot reflexology encourages the body to restore its own healthy balance, by expertly applying
pressure to external areas which correspond with your internal health. It will enhance circulation and allow energy currents to flow,
helping achieve a sense of well being. This therapy is enjoyed on it’s own, or as a wonderful complement to
any massage, facial or body treatment.


Hot Stone Massage Therapy • 50 Minutes $99 • 80 Minutes - $139

This traditional therapy eases the mind and body, by combining the placement of gently heated stones to warm your muscles,
relieve stress, and promote a relaxed state. Heated basalt lava stones are used, placed along the body and a coordinating
massage is performed, to release muscle tension. Please note that those with sensitive skin may experience redness after
 for the first 48 hours due to the heat from the stones.


Lavender Body Smoothing Massage • $199 2hrs

Envelop yourself in the relaxing scent of lavender and emerge with silky smooth skin. Your indulgent journey begins with
hand & foot reflexology, which is a traditional means of encouraging your body to regain a healthful balance.
After enjoying the soothing pressure point massage, you will receive a full body buffing with a mixture of exfoliants and
lavender essential oil. Following your skin smoothing treatment, you will enjoy a full-body Swedish massage,
to emerge relaxed and radiant!


Shiatsu Massage • 50 Minutes $99 • 80 Minutes - $125

An ancient Asian technique in which your therapist uses their thumbs, fingers, and palms to stimulate your body’s energy.
In Eastern cultures, to receive one is considered a matter of regular health maintenance, and is a
deeply pleasurable whole body tuneup.


Deep Tissue Sports Massage • 50 Minutes $99 • 80 Minutes - $139

Combining Asian techniques of pressure point therapy, deep strokes, and stretching, all your muscles will be penetrated
and massaged to release chronic tension and pain, as well as restore muscle and joint function.
This massage is a beneficial aid in recovering from strenuous physical activities. As you lay with eyes closed,
allow your mind to quiet and feel the tension slip away with each breath.


Prenatal Massage • 60 Minutes $99 • 80 Minutes - $125

Women often neglect massage during the time when special TLC is most needed and deserved! This gentle, full body massage concentrated on legs and lower back, and is specifically designed to increase circulation, and soothe away aches and pains,
 for whole body relaxation. Please note that we will not perform massages on expecting mothers in their first trimester.


Third Trimester - 4 Hrs. - $267

By now you don't recognize yourself in the mirror. Your baby is an aspiring professional soccer player and your feet and
thick and heavy. Start with a Prenatal Massage and European Facial, followed by a Spa Pedicure, and finished
off with hair wash & blow dry, all designed to help you feel back to your spectacular self.


Due Date Primping - 5 Hrs. - $376

There's still time to treat yourself to one last day of pampering before your baby arrives. Relish in beautification with
a Full Leg & Bikini Wax, Spa Pedicure, European Facial. Relax further with a Prenatal Massage, and finish feeling glorious
with a Hair Design, Cut & Style, ending with Make up application!


Cupping Massage • 80 Minutes - $125

Another ancient, holistic technique, Cupping massage is used for pain relief and the reduction of swelling.
Toxins will be flushed from your body, while stimulating your nervous system, for a treatment which leaves you feeling healthy,
refreshed, and restored. Please note that the suction from cupping may bruise skin, lasting from 3-5 days.


Rose Petal Bath Water Therapy • 80 Minutes - $125

A treatment used by Cleopatra herself, you’ll emerge feeling relaxed and regal. Begin by sinking into a luxuriously scented
bath of rose petals and lavender oils. After which, a sumptuous massage awaits you to complete this exotic and rejuvenating
retreat from your day.


Massage Medley • 50 Minutes $125 • 80 Minutes - $165

Create a customized session for your ultimate bliss. Combine any deep tissue, aromatherapy, hand, head, foot reflexology,
Swedish, and Stone therapies for a unique and relaxing experience tailored to include your favorite techniques.


Couples Massage

Experience the ultimate in intimate relaxation, with our decadent Couples Massage. This therapeutic getaway allows yourself
 and your partner to enjoy massages of your choice together, on two separate beds in a private room. Massages will be
synchronized, so that you both enjoy the ultimate experience and relaxation at the same time.


To see extensive menu of romantic Couples Packages. (Link to couples suite page)


Please Note:

● Anyone between the ages of 16-17 may have a Massage with the company of a parent in the
room at all times    (Maybe enjoy a Massage together).


● The only Massage an expecting mother will receive is : PRENATAL Massage (For the babies well-being)
and must be passed the first trimester.


● All massage are performed by licensed and experienced therapists ONLY!


● In consideration of your comfort, you may request a male or female therapist at the time of your appointment.


● Please arrive with plenty of time before your body massage, to use our luxurious steam and sauna as
warm muscles benefit most from body work.

● You will be draped throughout the service.


● Inform your therapist of the areas you would like to focus on, and any areas to be avoided (gluts or breasts).


● During your massage, let the therapist know if you feel any discomfort.